After decades in marketing and executive management, I see marketing differently than most in the industry.

Many people view marketing as a stand alone function of an organization whose focus is to promote and sell their products and services. While this is most certainly true, it's only part of what marketing can do to drive your company to the next level.

Your Core Message Is Marketing

Everything an organization says and does has an impact on your marketing. Every client interaction, communication exchanges, and even how employees treat each other impacts what customers think of you. Remarkable companies understand their message, both internal and external, are all part of an effective marketing strategy. This strategy ultimately tells the story of why someone should do business with you. So, why don't more companies recognize this?

More often than not, the marketing department finds itself siloed having minimal interaction with other areas of the company. They have the task of creating a marketing message designed to attract more customers and/or sell more products. Sounds pretty normal, right? What most companies miss is the disconnect between what one part of the company says and what the rest actually do. If the message and the experience don't align, marketing fails.  

Clear Message + Synchronized Experience = Marketing Success

Blue Flamingo is built on the passion to create stand out companies customers love. Having built and led an e-commerce business recognized for excellence in customer experience, I'm keenly aware of how the message and subsequent actions of each department affect marketing's overall success. They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This relationship is integral to creating experiences, and a brand, people talk about - the best marketing money can't buy. What you promise must align with what you do. We start at the beginning helping you articulate a clear message that resonates with both your team and your clients.  It's the most important step to marketing success. Once we've cracked that nut, we guide you through your marketing journey to help you meet your business objectives.  The first bottle of celebratory bubbly is on us.

I look forward to learning more about your organization and how we can help you become the blue flamingo of your market.  Let's talk.

Valerie Reddemann
Principal | Lead Consultant
Blue Flamingo Marketing Advocates