MMM: Crafting Your Marketing Message

This week on KPAY's Marketing Mojo Minute, we discussed how to craft your marketing message. 

As I mentioned in the previous segment, I believe the foundation of any stand-out company who experiences marketing success is the clarity and strength of their message.

It's important to remember your message is not WHAT you do, but rather why you do what you do. This serves as the foundation for your marketing strategy and communications. Your messaging starts with a clearly articulated WHY or PURPOSE statement. The terms are often used interchangeably.

Keep in mind, creating your WHY statement is a process. Be patient as the process will be messy (the breakthrough is worth it - push through!) and do involve your entire staff. Remember, people buy into what they create. 

Step 1:

Gather your entire team into the same space. I can't stress this step enough. Most often, business owners prefer to have a neutral party conduct a company-wide workshop to solicit honest answers. This also allows them to be free to participate and engage with the process. Whatever approach you choose, do so with patience and a willingness to listen. Your team knows your culture - they live it every day.

Start the process by explaining why they are there and express the value of their participation. 

Key questions to ask include:

1. What do you stand for? What are your values?

2. How do we want our customers to feel after they've done business with us?

3. What would happen if our company no longer existed? 

4. The final question: WHY does our company exist?

Step 2:

Gather and analyze the feedback you've just gleaned from your team. I guarantee there will be plenty of insightful gems among the answers. Use them. 

Craft your message. The goal is to create something specific enough that connects with your ideal customer on an emotional level. Your ideal customer is one who shares the same values and approach to what you do the same way as you. 


Your WHY statement should be short and compelling - no more than 2-3 concise sentences. It should invoke an emotional reaction when people hear it. It's NOT a company description. It's not WHAT you do - it's the reason that propels you and your team to get out of bed and serve your customers to the best of your ability.  

I'm betting you'll find your team feels more connected after the workshop. Often times, they don't realize they all share the same common goal and love what they do for similar reasons. This process can often re-energize a company and move your marketing forward. 

Back to crafting the message...

Here are a few prompts to help you put your results on paper.

- We believe...

- We exist to...

Examples of company's with clear why's:

Airbnb: We exist to help create a world where you can belong anywhere

Life is Good clothing: To spread the power of optimism

Once you've crafted your message do this simple exercise:

Take your WHY statement and put your competitor's name on it. If it could apply to them, you haven't dug deep enough. It should scream your company and no one else. Repeat until you get that tickle in your belly that emanetes from something that excites you.

Here's to great marketing!

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