If you’re stuck wondering why your marketing efforts aren’t moving the needle, we can help.  It doesn’t matter if you’re big, small, established, or relatively new in business. Getting unstuck is a process - and one we're good at guiding clients through.

BUT, we’re not for everyone.

We don’t believe in promising to increase customers by throwing more money at advertising.  Odds are you’ve already tried that and if you’re reading this, it likely hasn’t worked.  

We do believe in the power of a messaging compass. Knowing who you are and why you exist gives you direction to find your way out of the crowd so you can stand out and get noticed. 

Get your message right and the ROI on your marketing efforts will soar.

Because we believe having a clearly articulated core message does 3 things:

1.       It gets everyone (customers and employees) on the same page and focused in the same direction

2.       Attracts A-list customers who believe what you believe allowing you to avoid customers of little value/high pain

3.       Brings a sense of purpose to your employees resulting in a better company culture and higher retention rate

Hero CMO starts at the beginning. Agencies start in the middle.  Consider us your guide throughout your marketing journey. We offer the following programs/workshops below as well as monthly consulting to keep you on track.  

Message assessment.  Our process uncovers the truth behind what your company is currently saying to your customers and other target audiences. Do you actually do what you say you are going to do? Would your customers say their experience is the same as what your message promises? If you're stuck in your marketing, the answer is probably no. This process is particularly enlightening for established companies.  Can you handle the truth?

Power of Purpose Workshops (PoP).  Does your organization have an articulated purpose? Most know what they do. Very few know why they do it.  If you asked your employees why you do what you do, would they all say the same thing? This workshop is designed for your entire organization. The outcome is a clearly articulated purpose providing the compass for every decision made throughout your company.  It’s fun. It’s messy. It’s breathtakingly relieving.

Get Your Sh*t Together (GYST).  Once a core message is defined, it’s time to put it to work. This comprehensive action plan provides the framework from which tactics are built to drive more customers through your door.  We work with you to create an action plan that attracts the right customers and turn them into raving fans. You can't ask for more effective marketing than cultivating these company messengers who spread the word in ways money can’t buy.  THIS is where stand-out companies are made.

Cup-O-Coffee Consulting.  Consider this a virtual VIP coffee shop meeting. You’ll spend 1.5 hours via phone and receive one-on-one consulting with our Principal Messaging Strategist, Valerie Reddemann. If you have a specific messaging nut you’re trying to crack or seek guidance on your marketing, we’re here to provide answers.